Friday, February 26, 2010

2...almost 3!

My darling little boy, just turned 2..... a year ago. Well just short of a year ago. BUT he is still 2. He is still a "toddler". I love that he is growing up, getting smart, and more independent, BUT part of me wants him to stay a "baby". Yet the days keep ticking by and in a matter of a month (and a few days..) Aidyn-man will be 3. Three!

So when that realization dawned on me, I decided BD and I better plan a Birthday party for our son. This is the first year EVER that Aidyn will have a joint party with both his father and I in attendance. (kind of sad right?) BD and I have formed a friendship over this past year, and we decided to start sharing him on his Birthday. Both of our families get along wonderfully, and since his parents house is the halfway point between his house and mine, we decided to have it there. (and rent out a hotel room so the kids can go swimming..)
So after hymning and hawing over what party theme to throw.. I decided to ask the guest of honor his thoughts. I mean, he is going to be three right? He should have SOME say in his own party. Here is the conversation:

Mommy: Whens your Birthday Aidyn?
Aidyn: three of April (all smiles)
Mommy: Good job! How old are you going to be?
Aidyn: Three! (holding up almost three fingers)
Mommy: What do you want to do for your party?
Aidyn: (and this is not an exaggeration) I want brown cake with white and green on top, and..and.. and... Black balloons for the boys and pink for the girls!
Mommy: (I was blown away with how much he already decided on.) Well do you want a diego party?
Aidyn: No. I want a choo choo party.

So that was it. He is now having a "Choo Choo" train party. I was going to go with Thomas themed, but decided against it. I think its semi-tacky, and I think plain train decorations will be MUCH cuter!

So this where you come in. I need all your creative minds to help me think of some cute decorations/cakes/goodie bags/etc... for his party! We have a month to pull it together, and all your thoughts would be GREATLY appreciated!


Another David said...

You could make the invitations look like train tickets?

For decorations, check local hobby shops, there's a good chance they'll have train tracks and maybe even some pre-made trains.

Party favors, everyone has to get a train whistle! But make sure they get them at the end of the party so you don't have to deal with that headache hahaha

Unknown said...

Cuteness! Ummm, (i think) or google train party ideas... I would give the kids or in a goodie bag I would put in the red bandana looking handkerchiefs whistles and maybe a small train! I know it can get pricey. I did a Thomas Party for my oldest years ago.. and made the cake with train tracks... and then put Thomas the Train on the tracks with a little farm and trees and horses... He was majorally into Thomas too! Good luck!

Jess Craig said...

i like this...

He & Me + 3 said...

Totally check out they have ideas from mothers all over the world on every single theme you could come up with. Great ideas. Games, invites, food, favors. will be addicted to this site.
Have fun. Party planning is my thing. I love it! Wish I lived closer I would totally help you!

Homemaker Man said...

You gotta get'im an engineer's outfit. Like the new look.

Vanessa said...

Thank you for that sweet comment! You're son is ADORABLE!

Elizabeth said...