Sunday, January 10, 2010



That's how I felt today, prior to entering those church doors.

At the beginning of the service the pastor asked a guest who was visiting to stand up and speak for a moment. He used to be a member of the congregation, but a few years earlier had moved with his wife and children to California. They have now started a new church. I am not sure of the exact name, but it is built around the word "mosaic."

When he first came to the church here in FL, he described that his life was far from where it is now. His marriage was struggling, he had no relationship with Jesus Christ, and he was broken. He compared himself to broken pottery. Alone it is jagged, rough, ugly, and useless. What it takes is a master craftsmen to come along and put it all together. To turn a bunch of ugly old broken pottery, into a beautiful piece of artwork.

I thought about that, and not only what it means as a congregation, or a church family, but what it means to me individually. I am broken. There are lots of pieces to who I am. It is going to take God to work in my life to make these pieces become a masterpiece. His masterpiece.

My prayer for this year is that he will work in my life. That he will take these pieces and transform them. I am offering them up. They are his, for the taking. May I allow myself to surrender to his word.. may his will be done, for he is the ultimate artist!


Elizabeth said...

This is wonderful!! Loved hearing this...I believe we are all broken in some way, it is just a matter of finding the Lord to heal us!! I will be praying for you, and also let mek now if you ever want to chat!!! Go out today and SHINE on the world my friend!!

Brittney Galloway said...

Great post! I'm wondering where you go in Gville.... If you are ever looking for a great place with alot of young adults + a great children's program, I'd highly recommend North Central (on 16th/23rd) near sfcc.

Lori said...

So beautiful honey. I already see you as a beautiful masterpeice. It is a blessing for me to watch you discover all your beauty and yes, even your brokenness because as you know we are all broken and in need of a healing touch in one way or another. You are an amazing "mosaic" Brittany. The more you see it, and allow yourself to live it, the more you shine. Shine brightly my dear. XX

Busy Bee Suz said...

I love this analogy!!!

MrsKraft said...

One of my favorite Psalms reads, "He will mend their broken hearts and bind their wounds." God specializes in repairs, my new friend. And not only does He love every fractured piece of you, He made each one.