Monday, January 18, 2010


Favorite Aidyn quote of the day:

While watching tv together, a couple embraced in a passionate kiss.

Aidyn: "awwww!"
Me: "What are they doing?"
Aidyn: "Kissin!"
Me: (ha) "Ewwww!! Gross huh?"
Aidyn: "Ya! Slimy!"

ha ha ha! Where does he come up with this stuff? I hope he thinks kissing is gross and slimy until he's at least 18! :) HA HA HA! Man this kid keeps me in blog material!


MrsKraft said...

Slimy, huh? I think I kissed Slimy in the 10th grade, and Aidyn's right: super gross!
GORGEOUS photo at the top, by the way.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Slimy and gross? Funny, I guess it depends on WHO you are kissing. He is so cute.

Lori said... sweet little man say's the best things! XX He reminds me of his mother when she was his age. :)

PS I think his mom still says some of the best stuff ever. XX

Kit Kat said...

I love your Aidyn posts! They make me smile!

Anonymous said...

Me too!! Love the Aidyn post!! LOL!

Homemaker Man said...

I'm going to start telling my kids how gross and slimy kissing is right now. Thanls for the tip, Aidyn

Elizabeth said...

haha!! The things he says are SUPER CUTE!!!! :-)

Slyde said...

that picture is precious!