Sunday, January 3, 2010


Dear Minnesota,

Thank you for not adding to the tundra with any more snow while I was home. The lack of snow on the roads made it possible to travel to pick up Aidyn, and to visit family and friends. Thank you also for the beautiful icicles and shimmering white snow. There is something festive, and homey about it. The moment we landed my heart was filled up, by the images of "home".

As much as I am grateful for the lack of snow, we must have a little "Talk" about the temperature. Below zero is NOT okay. It was too cold to sled, too cold to build a snow man, in fact it was too cold to breath outside! Where is this global WARMING they've been talking about? There is nothing warm about you Minnesota!!

To end, be kind to us the rest of the day. A few more hours and i'll be bidding you farewell. After we are far-far away you may continue with your winter weather.

Thanks a lot,
A (former) Minnesota girl

Dear Florida,
Ohhh how I have missed you. Your sunny skies, and warm temperatures. MMMM... I can almost feel your sunny rays again my cold goose bumped skin! There was a time when I roasted in your presence, but now I yearn for it! Stay warm until I am home at last!

Thank you for not producing ice. (my bottoms thanks you as well)! Thank you for windshields free of ice, and no shoveling. Thank you for t-shirts wearing weather, and lack of hats/coats/mittens/scarves. :)

I will be home soon my new-beautiful state! I promise to never curse your high temps again. You have seeped into my blood, and now I am not as strong in these cold Minnesota temps... Be back soon my love.

Your one and only
Previous Minnesota girl-Currently in love with Florida girl!


Unknown said...

Cute pics. of you and your darling little man. Love your descriptive words on minnesota and florida... I love the winter time, but not with snow. Luckily I don't have snow, but I do love the boots scarves and such. Enjoy being warm and in the arms of your little man.

Elizabeth said...

I am form Iowa, but now live in Arizona...I so know what you are talking gets to COLD in the midwest!! Travel home SAFE!!

Busy Bee Suz said...

So cute Brittany!!! It is actually cold here like 58 degrees!!! But don't bring home your snow shovel..that would be a waste of 'carry on'

He & Me + 3 said...

Wow that icicle is huge. I agree...even though I am a michigan girl I would love to be in the south right about now. BRRRR
So glad you are back home enjoying your day with your boy!

Anonymous said...

Oh my! I would LOVE to be in Florida about now. We don't have below zero temps, but it is close and I am ready for summer!!