Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Favorite Aidyn quotes of the

My son say's the craziest most random things you've ever heard. He cracks me up hundreds of times a day. Two year olds are incredible!! Here are some of my favs of the week.

"Mommy lets buy a goat!"
"Lets buy a goat?"
"Okay, yes. Tomorrow, lets buy a goat."

"I eat underwear." Said while driving home from school today.
"I'm not smart. Im a GENIUS!" His new favorite saying. ohhhh brother!
"No. No i'm not a pilot, i'm ADORABLE!" Said on Halloween!
"Gummy-gummy how I love you. uh hu!" (inserted gummy-gummy for honey honey.)
"I am a big fan of his." I say.
"No, you no fan, mom... you're just a mommy."
"Yaaayyy mommy you did it! You're a big girl. I'll give you some toilet paper. Okay flush the toilet mommy.. YAYYYYYYYY (jumping up and down) Remember to wipe!" (good advice!) You can guess where this was said!
"i like you mom. I like you." said while touching my face as I laid with him before bed..AWWW!
"No more candy Aidyn."
"Just one?"
"No, none."
"Okay..okay.. just two!" (said with complete seriousness and his raised eye-brow smile.. like uhh huuu.. yep!)

Its all true. My son is a total ham. :) At this very moment he is cracking me up. The other day we looked up pictures of his TY puppy on google search. So tonight while he's been looking for boomer (since he's lost somewhere in his nest of blankets) he got super worried and said..

"Ohhh no, he's in your computer!!!!" and pointed at one of the usb ports! He is now insisting that he is in there, and he is stuck. :) lmao!

I guess children make the best blog material and my son is FULL OF IT! :)


~Tom~ said...

oh these are the things you are going to want to remember forever. I love thinking back to the things my kids used to say at that age.

Lori said...

Sweet! Seen the video on facebook of him saying "I'm not smart, I'm a genius." I miss my boy! XXOO