Sunday, October 18, 2009

A time to play

You all obviously know how much I miss Aidyn while he's gone to his dad, so when he's home, we pack lots of fun stuff into our weekends. Work/school takes up our entire week, and so by the time the weekend roles around, we try and do some fun Mommy and Aidyn things. Our favorite thing is going to the park. Like I previously stated it has been too hot around here to play outside, so we've been frequenting an indoor playground. WELL that all changed. The temperature plummeted from high 80's low 90's to 60-65 degrees! I am heaven. It feels like fall time in Minnesota. I had just packed up all our fall clothes and jackets and put them at the tippy-top of our closet, and thats when it happened. I had no problem pulling them back out! (woohoo!) I rushed out to purchase some hot apple cider, and spent the morning curled up with a cup and a blanket! It was blissful. Then I got Aidyn (and myself) dressed and ready for a REAL park! No need to use inside voices, no air conditioning, dirt!, trees, sunshine, and fun! woohoo! It was so fun being outside and not dying of heat exhaustion! I didn't sweat, my hair wasn't ruined, and I got to wear my cute jean jacket!!! What a wonderful Sunday! What a wonderful weekend! Every moment spent with my son brings warmth to my heart! So heres to more chilly days, warm hearts, and hot apple cider!

Like they say here in Florida... "Happy Fall Ya'll!"


At the top....
WEEE... At the bottom!

After this I put my camera away so that I could run, climb, swing, and play right along with him :) Happy sunday!