Thursday, October 29, 2009

Harvest Hoedown Prep

I have been SO busy prepping for our Harvest Hoedown party at school. We do an "On the farm" version of Halloween. Everyone dresses up in their best "country wear" (ie:Bibs, cowboy boots-hats, flannel, etc..) and we have a little carnival. Its an all day event, where the parents are invited. Each room has a different theme, and although we got to pick last, I am happy with our GARDEN theme. My student spent the entire week making vegetable crafts to show their parents on the big day. (Pictures to come)

Besides just prepping our (adorable) room, we also had to create two booths for the outdoor carnival. Being the go-getter that I am I took on them both alone. Since my father has unlimited access to plywood, I had him cut me two pieces. I used them to create a photo booth and a toss game. I have spent the last few weeks attempting to paint them and this was the outcome.

Pumpkin Toss (the background color is purple, but my camera is a little off)

I created these using tennis balls and orange and green fabric. (They are supposed to be pumpkins if you can't tell :) )

This is the photo booth. Its my take on the "American Gothic" painting. I wanted it to be cartoon-like and kid friendly! What do you think?

I am happy that tomorrow is finally here. I am excited to share in these memories with my students. They are so excited for the games, crafts and treats.... and so am I!!! What a great end to the week and start to our festive weekend! :) I'll be sure to keep you posted on all the festivities, and you know me... they'll be LOTS of pictures to go right along with it! :)


Lori said...

You sure have been busy! Once again you have out did yourself with your amazing talents. I can hardly wait until you do the special painting in Jordan and Nevaeh's rooms!!! Great work honey. I wish I could wiggle my nose and be there in an instant. But, I will be there in spirit as always. I look forward to seeing all the pictures.

I hope your harvest hoedown party goes very well. I am sure Aidyn will have a blast! Give him hugs and kisses for me! XXOO Love you guys to the moon and back!

PS Did Jason tell you about Aidyn talking to me last night? He kept asking me to wake the kids up so that he could talk to them. And then he kept telling me he was coming here today to play hide and seek with me. Little honey!

Busy Bee Suz said...

I love this. I love how you LOVE doing these types of activities for your kiddies.
You are an amazing teacher and an even more amazing Mom!! have fun.

~Tom~ said...

Your kids are lucky they have such a fun teacher! I am looking forward to the pictures.