Friday, September 25, 2009

Good days!

So i'm sure that all these exciting posts are more for me, then for all of you, BUT I am just too dang excited NOT to say anything! so here it goes:

Its a Friday... Its a payday... I have the weekend before me... then a two day work week.. and then... I get my son! Five days! Seriously! Five days, until my little munchkin is in my arms. I can hardly sleep I am SO stinkin excited.

We talk every night now, for longer periods of time. We do this so that its an easier transition, if there is such a thing. We talk about his day, and what he ate, we talk about his toys, and sing songs. Yesterday he pretended to make and feed me pancakes. Most of the time, the phone hinders our conversations. In person, I can tell what he's saying, but his voice is still too little for the phone. I do a lot of "mmmhmm"s and "Yeah"s. Just talking to him is wonderful, I can't believe I get him back. If you have never gone two months with out a child-don't try it. It is horrible. It is mind numbing sadness at times. I can. not. wait. to have him back with me for good. :))))))!!!!

This weekend is my last childless weekend so we have plans to live it up big! One last hoorah for the facebook album! As excited as I am to go out with FB, it fails in comparison to how excited I am for Wednesday! I'm sure i'll have lots to share with you in the upcoming week! :) GET READY!!!!

5 DAYS!!!

p.s. feel free to take a break from my blog since it may just be a repeat of excitement, counting down the days!! :) lol