Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Why I love my mom:

1) She makes me smile.. no matter what.

2) She has the cutest Minnesotan accent you'll ever hear.

3) She acts like a child.. she covers her ears and screams LALALALALALA on the top of her lungs if she doesn't want to hear what you're saying....yes really!

4) She is just as obsessed with Twilight as I am..maybe more.

5) She fully supports me naming my daughter Bella... in 10 years!

6) She loves Aidyn..and Aidyn loves her!

7) She makes the best damn food.

8) She gets silly when she drinks, and makes me laugh even harder then normal.

9) She plays games! (the Frisbee game, board games, etc..)

10) We both cry at movies.

11) We both cry when we see homeless people. She has the biggest heart!

12) She's beautiful...even if she wont admit it!

13) She takes funny pictures with me... even if she hates her pictures taken!

14) We can talk with out saying anything. We just raise our eyebrows, look at each other and start laughing!

15) We can talk....and talk...and talk...and talk!

16) We can bitch to each other.. and not consider each other bitches!

17) She knows all of my down falls and heartaches and loves me still!

18) She supports me no matter what.

19) She snorts when she laughs...ha ha ha!

and 20)..... because she gets hit on more then any of her daughters! AND THAT'S NOT HARD TO BELIEVE!!!!!!

Basically I think my mother is the most incredibly strong, wonderful, talented, hilarious, and friendly woman I have ever met! :) I wish you all had the privilege of knowing her, and the honor of loving her :) She has made my vacation PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!! She has kept me strong, and laughing. It was the best gift she could have ever given me!



Lori said...

Oh honey...thank you...I wish I had read this before you left...you are too sweet and kind...I miss you already...the house is too quiet and not the same without you. Glad you made it home safe. Love you to the moon and back....XXXXOOOO