Monday, August 17, 2009

Missing my boy.

I miss Aidyn more then words can describe. Some times in the middle of the night I forget he's gone. I wake up in the morning to get ready, and I creep around, trying not to wake him. This morning that happened. Then I remembered and my heart sunk.

Its been so hard lately to get him to talk longer then two minutes. Usually its just long enough to sing our special song, to tell him I love him and miss him, and him to reciprocate. Then he goes back to playing, eating or whatever distracts two year old boys. I wish he would sit and talk to me for hours, but I also know the attention span of a two year old is limited. Instead I soak in the few minutes of Aidyn I get, and pray for the weeks to go by fast.

I'm enjoying the time that I have, I really am. I love spending time with FB and all of our other friends, but its not the same as hen I am with my boy. He makes everything better. Again I feel like its not "home" until he's back with me.

Some times you just need a good cry, and well... today is one of those days.


Riahli said...

Hang in there...

Lori said...

((((HUGS))) I know it's hard and it sucks big time. I pray the weeks go by quickly and that before you know it, he is back home with you. Love you