Sunday, August 30, 2009


I had another great weekend with FB :) She seriously helps to make my life bearable when Aidyn is gone! We laugh so much, that my sides and cheeks hurt. We have become more then just friends... we are best friends. She is my sister. :) We were talking the other day, and we just sort of assume we are going to be spending our evening together... it's just a given. Sure some nights one or both of us wants to be alone, but I see her EVERY day, with out fail (unless one of us is on vaca) I am just lucky that God put her in my path.. that he knew just WHO I needed at this particular point in my life! I know I rave about her often, but that's because its true! Good friends are gifts, and I've been truly blessed!

Here our some of my fav's from this weekend.. because we look super happy! This is how it is with FB.. tons of smiles!

Check out the new FB pics :)


Lori said...

I'm glad that God brought her into your life too. I'm also glad that the 2 of you can have some fun while Aidyn is gone. XXOO