Tuesday, April 21, 2009

a quickie!

Work is going fantastic, and the countdown to International night is approaching too quickly! I still have to paint two more posters for Costa Rica... (and finish the other two). Paint two palm trees and a poster (again for Costa Rica).... AND THEN I have to get started on my classroom! I have to create a Gondola (and a bridge over it), a vine with grapes on it, the Colosseum, AND the pizza man for the door!!!!! ALL BY FRIDAY! Luckily I have fantastic teachers that will be helping me through out the week! I will be sure to post pictures so you can all enjoy! (and maybe give you some ideas as well!)

So the point of this blog is that I'm going to be crazy busy this week and its going to be a good solid week before you'll hear from me oh dear blogosphere.. (and even then I may be too drained (or intoxicated.. jk mom) to post anything of substance) BUT if you have any ITALIAN themed ideas or decorations for my room.. feel free to comment me! I'd love to get an upper hand on the other rooms! :)


HeatherPride said...

I suppose the old candles stuck in an old bottle of Chianti wouldn't go over that well, huh?