Saturday, March 28, 2009

Happy (almost) Birthday Aidyn!

Today we celebrated Aidyns Birthday. Since I'll be saying goodbye to Aidyn tomorrow afternoon, and his B-day is next Friday we through a little party. Nothing much, just his two best friends, (aka his cousins) his God-mother, Mama and Papa (my mom and step dad), and me. We ate home made pizza, and a angel food cake. I am not one to make a big Hoop-lah and so it was what it was. Simple, sweet, and perfect. No stress over decorations or planning games. No expensive cake with a sugar crash afterwards. No crabby boy. It was just the people who love him the most celebrating a wonderful (almost) two year old boy!

Aidyn loves singing the "happy birthday song" and so we sang it twice. All weekend he has been running around with a little toy candle that belongs to my nieces doll house. He holds it up and says "Happy Birfday!" and blows at the candle. I guess he's been practicing! He did a wonderful job blowing out his candle today, and I'm sure he has a few more candles to blow out at his other parties that will take place next week at his dads.

Our visit has been really low key. Unlike previous trips homes filled with lot of parties, nights out with friends, visits to relatives etc... this one was so impromptu that few people even knew I was coming. Although I would have liked to see "H" one of my best friends, I understood when she told me she had prior engagements... Instead I have just spent time with my family. Getting to really enjoy these last few days with my son, and soaking up the feelings of home. My niece and nephew keep Aidyn busy, and my mom and me have had some really good conversations. Its been perfect just the way it is. PLUS I haven't spent much money! yippee for me!

Well I best be going. I have a long day tomorrow. (which I'm dreading) First I have a going away party for my child hood best friend. He is heading to Iraq, and I am just so blessed to be able to make it home before he leaves. After that we'll be driving the two hours to meet my sons father. It'll be so tough to say goodbye. My heart aches, and tears are pooling as I type. Keep me in my prayers, as I plan to say all sorts of goodbyes in the upcoming two days. Goodbye to a good friends, goodbye (for two months) to my favorite little man, and goodbye to my family. It'll be a toughie, but THEY SAY whatever doesn't kill you only makes you stronger! So I guess you can expect to see me looking like the female Hercules in a few months :)

Lots of hugs and kisses,
P.S. Enjoy some of Aidyns Birthday celebration pictures :) !

looks like he's saying "Give me my damn cake!"

"mmmm!" he's soo excited!

How can you resist this grin?

Mommy-son Photo op (excuse my nastiness! lol)

Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday Dear Aidyn Happy Birthday To You!!!!!!!!!!!!


Give it to me mama!


Birthday Spankings :) 2! (this was staged!)


Busy Bee Suz said...

Great pictures....I hope your transistion goes smoothly.
Take care and blessings to your friend heading to Iraq!!!

twyla myrin said...

what a blessing to be involved in aidyns life.
and of course yours too..
thinking of you today. my heart is with you.