Friday, December 19, 2008


I did it.

Yesterday on a whim, and my mothers beckoning, I decided to make the jaunt home. I quickly through everything I needed for a week into a laundry basket, fueled up the grand am and booked it home. Driving the seven hours back to Minnesota. Back home.

I didnt realize how much I missed it until I reached Wilmar. An hour away, and my stomach skipped. Its been five months since i've been home, and my heart yearned to get there (and my butt!). As i pulled up to my small town, and seen the perfectly decorated buildings, I felt so proud to call these my roots. I missed the small town feel amongst the husstle and busstle of the city.

I didnt knock or ring the door bell, I simply let myself in. As I walked through the doors I was immediately welcomed by my parents, and the aromas that surrounded me immediately relaxed me. I realized how much I missed my family and my home. The house smelled like cranberrys (probably the candle burning), the perfectly decorated tree, and the smell of love. MMM.... It just smelled like home. It was worth every second of that seven hour drive.

This morning I was woke up with hugs and kisses from my niece and nephew, and thrown back into the routine of being at home. There were kids to get dressed, and fed, and off to school we went. I was able to attend my mothers christmas party at her school (which I've attended for the last three years) and see all the familiar faces. The good thing about a small town, is everyone knows you! (like it or not!) They asked about Omaha, about my health, etc.. It was nice to know that people honestly cared about you, and loved you.

As we drove home, it was so nice being able to spend time talking with my mom. She is such a good listner and never judging. I love that. As we came upon main street there was a santa claus outside the bank. He was waving at passing cars, and my mom and me both immediately screamed "santa!" wakeing up my nephew who looked, and fell back asleep. I guess sleep seemed much more entertaining then ANOTHER santa..

I cant explain how much it means to me to be back home.. Its make me honestly start to conisder.. or maybe make me make up my mind about moving home. Now that I'm here, I dont know if i'll ever want to leave. Maybe.. just maybe.. I wont :)