Friday, October 22, 2010


I am beyond thrilled with the results from Random Number Generator today!

Not only do I get to giveaway an awesome piece of jewelry..

I get to give it away to my best friend!!!

My best friend is also an avid Unexpected Surprises follower! This is the first time she has entered one of my giveaways.. and guess what?


I already tried to call her, but got her VM!

This will be the first time I get to hear someones excitement over winning!

EEK! Can I call all of you when you win on my blog?

Thanks again Molly! Your pieces are lovely! I will send you the winners info, and the two of you can discuss the details! :)

Well I am off to shop with my mom!

Hope ya'll have a fabulous weekend!


Copyboy said...

Congrats to your friend!!! That's great.

Jacquelyn Rich said...

twyla ould be that lucky! geeeez! why can't i be that lucky. pooo! at least i get to see the giveaway gift haha

i am bound and determined to win one of your giveaways one of these days!!!

Jumble Mash said...

IF I ever win anything...even if its a stuffed animal out of a claw machine and has nothing to do with you or your blog, you can call me. I promise you that I'll be more than excited because I never win anything. You will probably hang up on me because you will hate the squealing and the "OMG OMG OMG" being chanted over and over again. :)

Blogs said...

congrats:) xoxoxoxoxox

Venassa said...

Congrats to her!

twyla myrin said...

woohooo! i will definitely be entering more give aways!! i am SO excited and beyond thrilled to be a new owner of some of that gorgeous jewelry!