Monday, August 23, 2010

If you really knew me..

Just because everyone is doing it.. and I am a follower. Seriously. I'm not good with peer pressure. In fact if you asked me right now to smoke some crack... well I wouldn't... but... I would play along with this blog "game".. so here you have it:


* You'd know that I love carbs! Breads/pasta/rice... all of it! BUT I want/need to give them up! Or at least limit them!

* You'd know that I wanted to name Aidyn, Jayson. Except now that he's here, I couldn't imagine him being anything but an "Aidyn".

* You'd know that I love Budlight! I think BL should sponsor my blog!

* You'd know that I read EVERY day. I go through about 2-3 book a week! Aidyn and I visit the library every Wednesday!

* You'd know that I want to be a children's author! I have written three stories, my favorite one is about the dentist and teeth!

* You'd know that Marc Jacobs "Daisy" perfume is my favorite perfume. I feel more confident whenever I wear it!

* You'd know that I could watch Pretty Woman every day, and that if I ever need a good cry I watch Armageddon!

* You'd know that I played piano and the drum when I was younger, and I was terrible at both of them!

* You'd know that my parents divorced when I was in seventh grade. I prayed that it would have happened sooner! I was so much happier with them apart then I was ever happy when they were together.

* You'd know that (besides Aidyn) the first thing I would grab if there was a fire is my photographs!

* You'd know that I am attached to my "blanket". Its a quilt my Grandma made for my mom. I stole it when I had mono in high school. I have slept with it (practically) EVERY night! I have even brought this blanket to boys houses! (is this why i'm single?!)

* You'd know that my favorite shows are: Teen Mom, Secret Life of an American Teenager, Jersey Shore, Criminal Minds, Chelsea Lately, and Parenthood.

* You'd know that I got in school suspension my senior year of high for letting chickens lose in the hallways.

* You'd know that I love my family more then anything in the whole world! My mom is my best friend!

* You'd know that blogging has become a big part of who I am! I love writing, and I love you! Its a perfect combination!!!!

So now its your turn... What would I know about you IF I REALLY KNEW YOU!


Steph @ Professors_Wife said...

Wait... you let chickens loose in your highschool??? LOL! BAD GIRL! That's too funny!!!

P.S. sorry again for the torturous blog post full of chocolatey peanut buttery heaven!

Mandy@ a sorta fairytale said...

I LOVE carbs too! It will be the death of me (well my weight anyway!). I could eat bread and pasta all day. Ha ha. And I started cracking up that you let chickens loose in the hallways your senior year!! Ah, I would have loved to have been there. Nice!

Brittany said...

Chickens in the hallway?! How funny is that haha.

I LOVE carbs too. My day isn't complete without them. It's a love/hate relationship.

My mom is also my best friend :)

Cute post Britt!

Bree said...

Criminal Minds = love. Actually Matthew Gray Gubler = huge crush on him (Spencer Reid).
Teen Mom is on tonight, wooo!

Miss Chelsea said...

I love these posts! I wanna play along.. maybe tomorrow!

Unknown said...

I love getting to know you more. FAB. I love the senior year prank.. HA! this was so fun. I think I may do it on my blog. Hugs, JEN

Venassa said...

Haha I'd love to hear the loose chicken's story.
I wish I could watch Chelsea Lately. I've read about the show & her and I think I would love it.

Shawntae @ alittlekingandi said...

mmm I love love carbs. I think its hilarious that you did that when you were in high school. It sounds like something I would have done. haha. I got away with sooo much when I was younger. I also have a blanky that I sleep with every night too. haha and
You should email bud light. just sayin....

Busy Bee Suz said...

Chickens in school? you are a naughty girl!
I also love Pretty Woman..she makes being a prostitute look almost fun. :9

Sammy said...

I love Secret Life, Teen Mom (kinda sad it's not on this week) and can't wait for Parenthood to come back lol!

Your chickens sound like a fun prank. My friend's senior prank was on that MTV show High School Stories, or something. They let out a swarm of bees in the hallways and had glued the doors shut lol.

Anonymous said...

ok seriously, the chickens thing is GREAT!!!

Kevin Michael said...

Sounds like I have a pretty kinky Blog Girlfriend. Lol! =)

Sarah said...

I love Daisy too, I wear it every day!

Shelley said...

Love getting to know you better! I'm right there with you with the love of carbs! I could eat bread or pasta every meal of every day for the rest of my life and be pretty content. Sometimes for dinner all I eat is like half a loaf of french bread, some grapes, and some cheddar cheese. DELISH!

Blogs said...

this is fabulous...i need to do right now:) your freaking the most amazing person alive! i love you! chelsea rocks too:)

Courtney said...

Carbs are my best friend! But sadly, I need to limit them too! :/

Also, I love budlight! yuum!

Rachel said...

Hi!! Found out about your blog from Vic! Love your answers! I also **heart** carbs. Maybe a little too much!! :)

I read your previous post about online dating. I agree, it sucks. I've been there, done that, bought the T-shirt.

Hope you have a great day!!


Kit Kat said...

HAA!! I did NOT know about the chickens!!!! Too funny!!

Elizabeth said...

What a fun little post here! Hope your week is going well!