Saturday, April 10, 2010

Virtual Make-up party!

I am some what of a "Make-up Whore" as my friend Twyla describes. I like all different brands of make-up for various reasons and for various features on my face. From Maybeline to Mac I love it all. I thought I would share with you some of my fav's today, and then you could share some of yours! Some of my favorite days are with my girls trying out make-up at Sephora. Trying on different shades of eye shadow, getting in-put, learning about new colors and products, etc.. So today is my virtual make up party. I want to know what helps make you (already quite beautiful) ladies more beautiful? (men... you can get some gift ideas for the women in your life! Can you say brownie points?)
So here's a look at my ESSENTIALS to daily make-up:

1. Mary Kay full coverage foundation. My skin is fair so I use the Ivory 204. Once summer hits I'll have to go darker, or just layer with some bronzer. I have used EVERY kind of foundation out there including bare essentials and MAC and this is by far my favorite.
2. Cover Girl pressed powder. I only use a light amount, but I feel naked with out it. I use a creamy nature color making sure my face stays the same shade as my neck! Don't you hate when you see lines!

3. I top that off with either: L'Oreal true match blush or Mary Kay Sandstone mineral bronzing powder. It makes it look like I have cheekbones, and gives me a nice glow.

4. I (at only 22) have dark circles under my eyes. I tried everything, and STILL they were there.. until... I found "The eraser" by Tarte. I am madly in love. I swipe a little below my eyes and voila' gone! MY NEW BEST FRIEND! 5. I always start with a base on my eyes. I use Sephoras base/eye primer. It does the job, but I've used better. I think I'll upgrade soon. Any suggestions?

6. On to eye color.. I bought an amazing purple quad from AVON. It is beautiful, stays put, and is perfect for my evenings out. I think purple eye shadow is stunning with brown eyes! Plus AVON is perfect for a girl on a budget!

7. At the last MK party I went to I found an awesome trio for hazel eyes. (I wasn't a fan of the one for brown eyes.) The pack included Sweet Pink, Hazelnut, and Cinnabar. They are perfect for every day use. I love that MK make up stays all day, and is a definite upgrade from drug store shadow! They only give you a small amount, BUT it lasts a LONG time!
8. Maybe its MAYBELLINE. I buy most of my every day wear eye shadow from the local drug store. I love me some neutral eye shadow that I can wear to do errands or go to the park with out using up my more expensive shadow. I love the Sun baked neutrals pack from Maybeline. It has 8 colors, and I love to mix some of those colors in with the previous shades I've mentioned!
9. Cover girl black eye liner. I always finish my eyes off with eye liner. This is the ONLY eye liner that I have found that stays on my eyes. The rest smears or wore off quickly. I am a fan of MAC's liquid eye liner, but I only use that when I am looking for a more dramatic look.

10. MASCARA! Is this not the essential of all make-up? My new favorite is Revlon's Lash Fantasy total definition mascara. It comes in two steps, 1. Primer, and 2. the mascara. It makes your eye lashes SUPER long. A perfect finishing touch!

So that's it ladies! Now I want to know whats in YOUR make-up case! What is it that you just CAN. NOT. LIVE. WITHOUT!? Comment or send me pics of your favorite make up or make up before and afters, and I'll feature you on my blog! :)

Hope you enjoy your Saturday, and look great doing it!


Sarah Ann said...

I love your makeup box... where is it from?!

He & Me + 3 said...

I don't wear make up...except for mascara and I am ok with whatever. I use Maybelline right now.

danielle said...

What a fun post, Britt! I am not a huge make-up person because i never know what to use...but i will be referencing this before the next time i got to the store! i looooove my telescopic explosion mascara from l'oreal (penelope cruz's commercial...) so i guess that's my one suggestion! :)

Tanya said...

I love clinique make-up. Their volume mascara is fabulous and I really enjoy their lip gloss and eyeliner. I wasn't a total fan of the eyeshadow I got from there however. But totally am loving what you have going on!!

Lily Dawn said...

I use a lot of the same products, but I have been wanting to try some more Avon stuff... I love bare escentuals foundation... I am definitely going back to that (i tried clinique and haven't liked it as much)

Blogs said...

Make up whore is right! Although I don't wear it on a daily basis-when we get ready-we get readdy! I just bought some new stuff at walgreens, a caboodle make up case for $5! Love them;)