Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Aidyn has baby fever!

Aidyn LOVES babies. In fact, he has wanted me to have a baby in my tummy for a very long time now. Remember this? Well a week ago he was sitting on my lap while I was reading a few of my favorite blogs.

One of my favs is Katie at Loves of Life. I was going through some of her posts and ran across this post. I told Aidyn that Katie has a baby in her tummy. This was the conversation that occurred afterwards:

Aidyn: Do you have a baby in YOUR tummy?

Mommy: No. I don't think Mommy will be having a baby for a long time.

Aidyn: BUT you can make one! (ha!)

Mommy: Nope, sorry that won't be happening either.

Aidyn: Yes. You just eat it.. then it goes in your tummy. (looking at me with a satisfied grin!)

Mommy: I don't think so.

Aidyn: mmm... (giving me a awful looking face, and snarling at me before jumping off my lap to play with his cousins!)


Yesterday on the phone Aidyn made another comment. He said:

"Remember when I was a really little baby? (yes) Remember when I was in your tummy?(of course) Remember when I came out of you at the hospital? (huh? DUH!) Remember when all my friends were there? (refering to his cousins..) That was fun!"

HA HA HA! That was all said in one long sentence. I didn't even have time to answer or comment. By the end all I could do was laugh! I'm guessing since his birthday is coming up, his dad or his grandparents had just got done talking to him about his birth day. It made me laugh for the rest of the night!

OHHHHHH brother! I think Aidyn has a bad case of baby fever! I'm thinking someone is going to have to have a baby soon! Its just not gonna be me! :)


Blogs said...

That's really funny how some kids go through this! My eldest never wanted anything to do with another sibling. Took me five years to have another. Get him a doll-Boys can play with dolls-it's okay! I said so!:) I just noticed the beta fish-we had them, actually a blue just like yours-they're fun!

~Tom~ said...

My daughter still swears she remembers being born. "First it was really dark and then it got really bright!"

I love reading your Aidyn stories. I am sure you will have many more to come.

Brittany said...

Oh gosh that's soo funny! lol Aidyn stories crack me up.