Monday, January 25, 2010

Whad'ya think?

My co-worker and I had a funny misunderstanding the other day and it went a little something like this:

Me: J-train called me the B word today! (I am referring to a student of mine..)

Co-worker: Really? That's what my husband calls you.

Me: Wait. What? (Totally about to get offended)

Co-worker: Bjork. That's what he calls you. That's what you said right?

Me: No. I said "Bee Word" as in you know.....

We both laugh.. I give out a sigh of relief! I really don't want to be perceived as "the b word"..

Me: Who is Bjork? (Okay, yes i'm lame like this...) Should I be offended?

My co-worker gave me the 411 and googled some pictures. To be honest, I'm pretty flattered. I am always told I look like "this girl I know.." or "My friends brothers girlfriend..." or something crazy like that. I am rarely compared to any celebs. BUT recently with my new haircut I am getting it all the time.

So whad'ya think any resemblance to "The b-word?" Any other celebs?

I have also been told I have a resemblance to Ally Sheedy in the movie Breakfast club. (Aka the "emo" girl...) She is a beautiful woman.. but something tells me that the reference to her in this movie may not be a compliment... Whad'ya think?

Or maybe my all time favorite.. Velma from scooby doo? All I need is a pair of glasses and were set! I might even be able to find me a orange sweater! :) So... Whad'ya think?

All right.. your turn! Vote and tell me who YOU think I look like.

A) Bjork

B) Ally Sheedy

C) Velma

D) Fill in the blank

And as extra credit you can tell me who people think YOU look like :)


Elizabeth said...

I really dont know..I am going to have to look at these photos a bit more...and I am not sure who I even look you have me thinking!! you are so PRETTY my dear!!

Summer said...

I'm gonna go with B.

I get told Rosanna Arquette or Sarah Michelle Gellar. =)

Busy Bee Suz said...

You are a combo of A and B in the hair...but your face is much cuter.

back in the day..I was always told I look like Goldie Hawn (Kate Hudsons mama) That when I was rail thin though...that ship has sailed!!!

Another David said...

Definitely Bjork, though I can see Ally. Velma? I don't know...

~Tom~ said...

If Bjork is the top pic with the long hair I have to admit that I really thought it was you. I was going to ask when you got the hair extensions. I do have to agree with the last comment though, you are much prettier than bjork. In fact people should be comparing her to you instead!

Big City Dad said...

Velma is just WRONG! If I were you I wouldn't take that ;) It really depends on which pic we're looking at, but probably more like Bjork than Ally Sheedy. Just make sure people don't see you wearing this:

Then they'll definately think you're Bjork.

Great blog! My first time here. Look forward to reading more.

Midnitefyrfly said...

Yes I definitely can see the resemblance to A and B, but more so Bjork. You have some amazing eyes and your haircut and color really do bring out the resemblance.

Kit Kat said...

I think you kinda look like Bjork. I'm gonna have to say though, you are prettier! (really... at times she can look a little weird)

I have been told that I look like Parker Posie (which I like) and Drew Barrymore (which I don't like, and don't understand) and I have also been told that I look like the Breakfast club girl and Winona Rider

But I think that these were based mainly on hairstyles...

Anonymous said...

If I have to chose, I'm gonna say Bjork. But honestly, there is no comparison... you are prettier than them all! You have a beautiful smile which accentuates your very pretty face!