Wednesday, May 7, 2008

so much to say, not much time to write...


Finaly time for a "breather". I have my computer back (after being cleaned). Got my computer fix, checked my email, caught up with friends, spent some very late nights online... and now its time for me to finaly blog again. :)

So, I am now.... single again. So much for mister wonderful. Turned out we were horibly wrong for eachother. He is high maintenence, very.. how shall I say it? Metro. As he already knows. I'm very low maintenence. Prefering jeans and t-shirt to dresses. So... thats that. We ended as friends, although we shed some tears, (he did too..!) as our three week relationship ended. I think we cried more, because of what we THOUGHT we had. I guess it was a case of wishing and hopeing, instead of reality......sigh.

Aidyn is getting so big. He talks so much now, and although most of it is hard to understand you can tell that he's trying. he is so sweet, and gives me perfect little hugs and kisses. He pouts his lips and opens his mouth, and leans in. It looks more or less like he's trying to make out with you, but still very very sweet. He loves going to the park, and its finaly warm enough to be able to go. I try and take him once a day, but that doesnt always happen. I love it when its just me and him at the park. We sit on the swings and point at birds and ducks. He gets so excited, his smile so big. He lets out squeels, and looks up at me. It melts my heart. I love swinging, and spending time with aidyn, its my favorite.

Aidyns also now an avid cuddler, and he slept with me all night last night. Its not something I try to make a habit of, but I make exceptions every once and a while. Last night I came home from work, and ended up waking him up on accident. He was crying so hard, I finaly brought him into bed with me. I had inteded to put him back in his crib, but next thing I know its 6:45 and my alarm is going off. Very loud. Wakeing us both up. I pulled the covers over our heads.. and we giggled. Niether of us wanted to get up. I wish we could have slept all day.

Tonight, after work we are headed to Southern minnesota and into iowa. We're going down for a birthday party, and a few other get togethers. It should be a good time. Sadly, Aidyn's great grandmother on his dad side (whom I am incredibly close with).... fell and broke her leg in two places. It broke my heart, and solidified my drive down. I'm going to bring aidyn down to see "grandma mary" and cheer her up. I miss her, and I just miss being down in southern minnesota. It'll be good to go back and visit friends and family. Plus i'll get to see my old dog sadie. I miss her so much. :( .... maybe i'll sneak her away and take her to the state park. I know Aidyn would have fun there!

Well.. i guess I didnt catch you up on too much, just that i'm single. I'll try and let oyu know more of whats happened since my last post. I guess there probably isnt much to write. My life is very miediocre and for the exception of my beautiful son, there isnt too much excitement. Its more or less getting by. :) I hope after this long weekend i'll have way more stories to tell.

:) take care ya'll


p.s. pictures from our visit to the park :)
He loves to climb!
swingin :)
I love this picture :)
all smiles
our favorite part of the park : )