Sunday, May 18, 2008

Her day...

6:00 a.m. She wakes to her alarm. Not the repetative beeping of an alarm clock, or the buzz of the radio. Not to the smell of coffee, and peacefulness of grown children gone to their new beginnings... She wakes to the oldest boy's cries. "mama" he cries... "mama". He runs down the hallway, his bare feet padding along the wood floors. He takes the gigantic leap, to curl under the sheets with her. They flip on Disney channel. How long has it been since she got to watch "Good Morning America"?

Her eldest daughters seem annoyed with her from time to time when she's not "up" on public affairs. In debates, she doesnt always know all the history or news that they know. This is why. She has spent the last 25+ years being a mother. Where they were blessed to get an education, to read, and to have time to learn all this. She has changed diapers, read childrens books, watched Barney, and now Dora. She rubs the sleep from her eyes, knowing in matter of moments the little girl, will soon be up as well. She lays next to her grandson.. her son, feeling the warmth of his little body.

Soon her day is in full swing. Her two grandchildren, her two new children, are up and rearing to get started with their day. Now in her forties, it seems as if this has been her life forever, and she goes through the motions in perfect rhythm. Pouring milk, and cereal. Wipeing faces, and getting them dressed. Breaking up fights, and kissing boo boos. Then out the door to get to work.

They finaly make it to work. They meaning all three. She works at a daycare, and where other mothers who work, get their break... a chance to gain sanity.. hours away from their children for "grown up time", she plays mommy-grandma to more children. She wipes noses, and kisses boo boos, she reads books, and paints pictures, she feeds bottles, and gives of her self. Perfectly tending to their needs. Her smile, and the glow of her face endear her to these small children. She gives them love, where otherwise they may lack. These children feel secure and safe with her. Its what she's best at.

From there its back home. Where she is blessed to have the man of her dreams. Her other half. Together they fit together, and parent in harmony. Its more kisses of boo boos, more feedings, and cleaning up messes. Its playing, then bath time. Its reading good night books, and tucking into bed. Its collapsing into complete exhaustion. Thanks for a moment of peace. She wonders how she got through another day. She wonders..... I dont.

My mother is one of the most amazing women, I have yet to meet. I also dont have to wonder that, this will never change. Where she lacks in education, she has made up ten fold in experience and in life. She has changed countless lives, loved when she hasnt had to, overcome when others would have given up, believed without doubt, and proven so many wrong. She has taught me to be a mother. A good mother. I learned from the best, and had the best model. She's made mistakes. She'll be the first to admit it. I think thats why she's the best. She took those mistakes and improved, learned, and taught.

Each smile line on her face, and grey hair she dies away are the signs of wisdom with age. The power she has, and the stories she could tell. Not looking her age, by any means, she is still a beauty. Her dark black hair, big brown eyes, and loving smile make her look beautiful with out even trying.

My mom is now parenting my niece and nephew- my step sisters two children. She took the challange, even when she didnt have to. She loves them as their own, and the above story is her life. I think God knew exactly what he was doing. He put my mother in those childrens lives to help make them into a wonderful-beautiful-stong man and woman. It may not be a perfect road, but it'll be one full of love. For this, i'll never have to wonder.

Thank you mom...for all you've done, and all you've left to do.


Greg said...

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Gregory E. Lang
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smiles4u said...

Oh honey, thank you so much for your kind words. You have no idea how much your encouragement means to me. I love being your mom and I am thankful that you have been able to learn from me.

I know it is hard for you having to live back at home again, when you would rather be living in your own home with your little man. I am blessed to have the two of you here though...I get to be such a close part of Aidyns life and watching you blossom into the mommy that you are has been such a blessing. I know you feel guilty sometimes because of my watching Aidyn while you work but I love it...he is the joy of my life.

Some day you will be out on your own again and I will be very happy for you but until then please rest in knowing that you and Aidyn are where your suppose to be right now at this time. Remember there is a reason for everything.

You are a blessing to your neice and nephew in more ways then you will ever know. They get to live in this house full of love which is something that has made them thrive and be the happy kids that they are an important part of their journey.