Monday, May 12, 2008

Baby Daddy sweetness

So today I recieved a card with my name and address in the recieving and sending section of the envelope. It had me completely baffled. (see below)

Then as I opened it I seen a familiar looking chicken scratch.. known as "Baby's Daddy's" handwriting. Here he HAD thought of me :) (after all the bad mouthing I had done the day before "I always ALWAYS remember to buy him cards, and presents for fathers day, christmas, his birthday etc.. he NEVER remembers doing anything sweet like that for me!! blah blah blah..." and he hasnt remembered until now :) It was a very thoughtful gesture.. and i'm very proud of him for being so considerate :) but.. I guess I cant give him all the credit, it is also from aidyn. APPARENTLY my son was a busy little bee. He gave me two mothers day cards this year. :) (via mama and daddy)..... So thank you little munchkin who can niether drive to the store to pick it out, read, or write.. :) He's the best smartest little magician in the world. :) Now if you could only work that magic to be able to potty train yourself, and make me breakfast in bed....

the inside... and the chick scratch :) which was beautifuly worded:
"Dear mom,
If I cuold only write this letter ; Then I would tell you how much I love you and how much I appreciate all that you do. But since I cant.. Dad did it instead!!! :) "
Now some pics of the author... :

Aidyn with his daddy right after he was born.. both in flannel. the shirt was tony's when he was a baby.. :)

the boys at the first twins game! One of the last pics i took of the two of them..... the rest I steal from his mom or off baby daddy's facebook.