Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Obsessed with A.I?!?!?!?!

So there it is. The proof of my obsession. How sad. The ending of any cool factor I may have had prior. Is now setting into a cloud of dust. In its place, an obsession with reality television. Which I do believe is the new "soap opera" for boring old women, with nothing bettter to do. So here I am, merely missing the hundreds of cats... takeing notes on whom I like and dislike on american idol. To top it off, I am going to give you the full "SHA-BANG" on who I LOVE-LOVE-LOVE and who I HATE-HATE-HATE!!
Ahh.. my favorite day of the week. Tuesdays. I start the countdown of how many hours it is til A.I. as soon as I get to work. Luckily the whole house enjoys the show. Not as much as me, but thats to be expected. So I rush around like mad, cleaning up the kitchen after supper, and making sure everything is swept, wiped, organized, and vacuumed before my beloved show begins. This way I can settle in with a pen and paper and vocaly express my feelings about each contestant. My fellow co-worker sits next to me.. cross stitching.. she looks at me, probably wishing I would shut up, every time I yell at the t.v. Funny thing is, I often agree with simon. His blunt honesty makes me laugh, and his unexplainable sexiness doesnt hurt either. I dont typicaly find much older men, sexy, but his accent, and his roughness, just makes him appealing... but thats beside the point.. (being single is taking its toll ;) )... anyways so here I am watching american idol.. let me re-cap what I thought about each performer.. (unless you can read the tiny print...) (((CRAIG FERGUSON'S GUEST JUST SAID HE HATED AMERCIAN IDOL AS I WAS WRITING THIS.....BASTARD!)))))
Rateing scale..as determined by me :)
2----Why are they here?
3----Not so good
7----very good
9----very great
Amanda Overmyer--->still cant stand her voice. she sounds the same every week. Very shouty! she was a 5 out of ten on my rateing scale. Completely agreed with simon. She was boring, and predictable
Kristy-Lee C0ok --->Ugly dress. (and paula liked it!!!) Looked much older then she is. Not a fan of her voice at all. Didnt like the arrangement. Boring! GO HOME! 2 on my rateing scale.
David Archuleta---> SOOO CUTE! (and young) That smile is sooo stinkin adorable!!! Love his voice, he's an amazing performer, and has such a strong voice. Impressed me again. Even though it wasnt the best performance i've seen from him, i still give him a 10 and predict him to win the whole thing.
Michael John--->I love his accents.. (i guess I have a thing for accents lol!) Very sexy! I would buy his cd today. A few problems in his performance, but loved it still. I gave him a 7.5 on the rateing scale, and didnt agree with the judges at all....
Brook White---> I think this girl seems kind of "fakey". But I do like her voice, when she is singing. Didint like it as much as last weeks, but it also didnt seem to be her "element" to me.. I gave her a 6.
David Cook---> Feels genuine. Loves his voice! Very cute! Gave him a 6.5 ((sorry for the lack of notes. he is one of my favorites but missed half his performance due to the fact that i was working.. and actually had to do some work at this time.. lol))
Carly Smithson---> Still want her to go home. I think she had her chance, and failed and its just not fair. I still think she seems to have been "stacked". Not a fan of her voice, and doesnt seem to have "star" quality. Seems to try to hard.... Did like that she tatooed a "7" on her finger.. that was the coolest thing about her.
Jason Castro--> ADORABLE... he's like a newborn puppy! You cant help but love him. I would seriously listen to his cd all day. Liked last week better then today. He is sooo charming! 9 out of 10.
Syesha Mercado---> Liked the song "yesterday"..loved the dress...Wasnt a huge fan of the performance but her voice is pretty good.
C H I K E Z I E---> Really like him!!! I liked the song, and his voice is awesome. I did think the arrangement was a little funny. I actually enjoyed the beginning of the song the best, and thought it was a little too forced towards the end. I loved that he tried the harmonica, but he really wasnt that good at it.. ((better then me though : ) ))
Ramielle Malubay---> I love her. I think she is adorable. I think she has the best personality out of all the girls. I think she ahs a great smile, and a great sense of style. I give her an 8.5. Defi3>
Well there you have it. What I was thinking...during each performance. I'd love to hear what you all think.. feel free to leave me some comments about your favorites and your least favorites. Hope you have a good day, and I'll be with you in spirit in front of the screen tomarrow night for the results.
much <3